Ellenda Visions’ Blog World Premier

Welcome to the first official post of the Ellenda Visions blog.

I have for a very long time dreamed of being involved in  some sort of craft cooperative fair trade type business. Typically these types of businesses have artists based in some distant land where English is not the native language.  I saw this as a major obstacle not being the sort of individual who takes off to foreign lands where I don’t speak the language all by my lonesome. Then one day about four years ago while talking to my friend Laura Bellows about the expansion of her business, JUL Designs, it occurred to me ( or maybe Laura I don’t really remember) that it might be possible to expand her business in Wayne County, TN., where I live. I could help her set it up. It was a great idea! We made huge plans, she flew from Baltimore  to TN to check things out. We met with local business people, we talked, we talked some more, we planned. …….Nothing happened.

Laura’s business continued to grow.

I still had the dream.

Then in June 2011 I saw an ad in Spin Off magazine for a Felt Loom.  I knew it instantly in my heart of hearts  this was the key I needed to build my business.   On December 5, 2011 I took delivery of my Felt Loom.   May 5, 2012 I had my first sales booth at Wings to the Spirit conference in Pensacola, Florida.   October 20, 2012 I will be a vendor attending     Fiber in the ‘Boro  in Murfresboro, TN.

I still have the dream, the vision, that through my fiber, and textile craft obsession I can build a business that will enable me to employ myself  as well as a few others and make my small spot on the planet a better place.


About Ellenda Visions

FIber Artist, Biodynamic Gardener, Off Grid Homesteader, Baha'i
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